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Dear Friends,

I was attacked by a friend last week because I cited an article detailing Epstein’s ties to Mossad and Israeli intelligence. The “friend” called me Anti-Semitic and was disgusted that I would still be ruminating about Epstein when “we are in the middle of a global pandemic”. Anyway, he was upset because I pointed out that the IDF trains our police force, and that Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza get the knee in the neck all the time.

He thinks Israel should not be criticized because it was founded after the Holocaust. In my response I mentioned that Israel was the product of Zionists and the Rothchild’s via the Balfour Declaration. He thought I was “bringing religion into the argument, and thus attacking Jews. I had to gently tell him that Zionism and Judaism are not synonymous and that the only true Semitic people are the Palestinians because “Semitic” is a language. To say nothing of the fact that Orthodox or religious Jews believe the holy land cannot be claimed until Messiah returns… orthodox rabbis were against the whole scheme of creating the state of a Israel.

Of course he had no idea I was talking about the sabbatean frankist movement. This is the group you speak of when you talk about the group that controls everything (the deep state). They are those the Scripture refers to as the Synagogue of Satan. I would recommend watching Robert Sopher’s video on 1666, as a starting point. People do not realize that it isn’t “the Jews” per say, but this “cult” within Judaism.

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